Wil Weekly

The Wil Weekly is my weekly thoughts on the gaming news, small features on what I am playing as well as a topic of the week I want to ramble about!

E3 Highlights Releasing this Year

Guardians of the Galaxy Potentially the biggest game announcement prior to Nintendo’s showcase, and the best part of the announcement, a date this year! With expectations likely tempered from the release of Avengers last year, Eidos Montreal have started their messaging about the game strongly, including everyone’s new favourite tagline, No DLC and Microtransactions. Another strong step for me is the focus on only having Starlord as the playable character, meaning that they can refine the combat system and focus on Starlord being fun to play. The addition of the calling in the other guardians to wail on certain enemies…

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Wil Weekly #1

Game of the week – Tainted Grail Conquest Tainted Grail Conquest is a Roguelite Deckbuilder, a personal favourite of mine, but also features strong RPG mechanics in a persistent story that is explored throughout the runs. The game has a bit of an interesting lineage, starting out as another mode for a RPG by the same developer, Awaken Realms Digital, all of which are based off of a board game by the developer. Originally a boss rush mode, Tainted Grail Conquest grew into something more and had to be separated and eventually focused on as ideas grew and grew.  Stuck…

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