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Here is a collection of pieces that I have published elsewhere on the internet Explosion Network – highlights Age of Empire IV Review The Last Friend Reivew All Explosion Network Reviews WellPlayed Writer Profile

Dodgeball Academia Review

Character, charm and a sprinkle of pizazz, are components that all games strive for but not all can achieve. Great indie games are filled with these and Dodgeball Academia is no exception.

Chicory A Colourful Tale Review

Chicory –  A Colourful Tale delivers an experience much more than an adventure about painting your way across a canvas. As someone that considers myself not very creative visually, my love for Chicory is testament to the fact that it is more than a colouring book

Wil Weekly #3

News Speak Two console annoucements in the recent weeks and recent interesting developments in the Ubisoft and the future of thier games, it has been an interesting few weeks in the gaming sphere. It was confirmed earlier this month that Nintendo has left Earth and currently resides on another planet. This was confirmed by the…

E3 Highlights Releasing this Year

Guardians of the Galaxy Potentially the biggest game announcement prior to Nintendo’s showcase, and the best part of the announcement, a date this year! With expectations likely tempered from the release of Avengers last year, Eidos Montreal have started their messaging about the game strongly, including everyone’s new favourite tagline, No DLC and Microtransactions. Another…

Wil Weekly #1

Game of the week – Tainted Grail Conquest Tainted Grail Conquest is a Roguelite Deckbuilder, a personal favourite of mine, but also features strong RPG mechanics in a persistent story that is explored throughout the runs. The game has a bit of an interesting lineage, starting out as another mode for a RPG by the…

5 Highlights from Steam Game Festival

I played through more demos than I could count over the Festival week, and as the festival has wrapped up and I have lost the ability to download more for testing it seemed a great time to write about the games that have piqued my interest and whose development I will be watching keenly.

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Review

Whats in a name? That which we call a game by any other name would still play as sweet. Immortals Fenyx Rising is an easy game to dismiss, wearing its inspiration of one of the games of the generation on its sleeve and made by a company infamous for its recycled open world mechanics. However…

Hades Review

The road out of Hades is paved with.. progression? From action packed runs, an assortment of excellent characters and content that does not overstay its welcome, Hades is a well oiled machine, each cog a system within the game that all combine to deliver a seamless and excellent experience.  Hades follows the struggles of Zagreus…

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